4EverDark - Extreme Glare, Light and Heat Control

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While installing Liquisol on skylights and roof lights in the desert Southwest we had several customers comment that , while our Liquisol products did a great job of lowering the heat and reducing the glare coming through their skylights, it just wasn't dark enough for them.  In response to this we developed Liquisol 4EVERdark, a much darker Liquisol paint with outstanding solar performance that has what it takes to stop the harsh Arizona sun.

Two coats of Liquisol 4EverDark on your polycarbonate, acrylic or glass skylights rejects 70% of the suns solar energy and blocks 80% of the visible light, massively reducing the light, heat and glare coming through your skylights and roof lights.

Liquisol 4EverDark has an expected minimum lifetime of 5 years, meaning it will outlast most competitive skylight heat control solutions.

This liquid solar control is a water based acrylic varnish which must be applied on the
outside of skylights, conservatories or sky domes fabricated in acrylate (PMMA),
polycarbonate or glass.

Best applied with an airless sprayer, 4EVERdark dries into a tough, durable layer that absorbs Ultraviolet light, reflects the Infrared and moderates the visible light passing through your skylight.  This reduces air conditioning costs, preserves furniture, fabrics and artwork and makes it more comfortable inside your building.

Because Liquisol 4EVERdark is a translucent paint it is best applied by an experienced painter in accordance with the recommended application procedures. Customers need to be aware that any differences in the paint thinkness will be visible on the inside of the building.  When properly applied this effect is minor, but the dark color of the 4EverDark does highlight any mistakes made during the application.

That being said, 4EverDark is an outstanding solar performer that produces great results. If you have a especially sever heat and glare issue with your skylights this is the perfect solution.



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